La 40ª Exposición Internacional de Equipos Médicos de Oriente Medio Dubai 2015


Próximo:The year 2015 has passed, with Xi Dada and Peng Mama's charismatic diplomacy, A-shares soaring and plummeting, the sudden change in the RMB exchange rate, ISIS spooky world, Paris terrorist attacks, Turkish shooting down Russian military planes, Zhu Lilun changing pillars, and the RMB entering the basket... The world's changes are overwhelming. Similarly, in 2015, China's healthcare industry was undergoing disruptive changes, and almost no one could have foreseen such a series of sudden, inevitable, hasty, and resolute changes happening in this 365 day period. The changes are happening so quickly that you can't catch a breath in a hurry, and then force you to take the next breath. The haze is holding in your chest, worrying if your lung cancer genes will be activated. Nervously, enter 2016. It seems that we haven't had time to take stock of our achievements during the 12th Five Year Plan period: what about the country, the industry, and the company? We have already entered the 13th Five Year Plan period. Farewell to the year of the sheep, which is said to be not the best year for giving birth, and usher in the year of the monkey, which was once the most valuable year for Chinese zodiac stamps. It is also said that a super large number of babies in the year of the monkey are about to be born, perhaps hoping to imbue themselves with the shrewdness, intelligence, liveliness, and health of the monkey. 2016 is the first year of the 13th Five Year Plan and an important starting year for Fosun Pharma's five-year rolling strategy. In 2016, Fosun Pharma was 22 years old. At this age, it's almost time for young college students to graduate. We have spent nearly 22 years creating the unique personality and pursuit of Fosun Pharmaceuticals; For 22 years, we have been studying and working to support ourselves, while also earning tuition fees; Over the past 22 years, we have established a philosophy of life, worldview, and values, developed and developed strong learning abilities. From then on, the world knew us and we clearly knew where to go. We have grown into a person who is not easily influenced by the external environment Independent individuals, we will be different from any previous stage. We are committed to innovative research, development, and manufacturing of drugs, medical devices, and medical diagnostic technologies. We actively develop a high-quality medical service system We strive to promote the integration and transformation of drug distribution and retail, and we warmly participate in the mobile healthcare industry. Everything we do is for patients and customers to receive more timely diagnosis, more effective treatment, more efficient supply, and more satisfactory services And more affordable payments. In the medical industry, integrating such a wide range of businesses into an organic main industry and achieving goals in a short period of time is not feasible The ideal that He Yi enterprise has already achieved. But we are stubbornly challenging! With the resilience and innovative spirit accumulated over 22 years of entrepreneurial experience. In addition to resilience, we particularly advocate innovation, and our innovation is open and orderly. However, we will never stick to ourselves and build our own cars behind closed doors. What we are pursuing is the continuous integration of resources under the open platform and innovation with high efficiency, high quality, high yield and high competitiveness. Innovation in the medical industry has come late, but we are not willing to be in the latter place. Heaven rewards diligence, and even the latter can stay ahead. Our innovation has no geographical limitations. In Shanghai, Chongqing, San Francisco, San Diego, Taipei, Tel Aviv, London, our innovation can be found anywhere in the world. Our innovation is not limited to drugs or devices, diagnosis or prevention, technology or systems. Everything revolves around unmet needs and unmet spaces, all of which are our innovative perspectives. Our innovation lies in order, in entrepreneurial innovation and precise innovation. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and mechanism - a mechanism that advocates and adheres to sharing innovative value. Gathering entrepreneurs dedicated to global healthcare innovation is the first key factor for our success. At Fosun Pharma, we need the largest, most extensive, and highest level of innovation partners in the industry, striving for innovative products that make people scream, while also bringing proud wealth and achievements to the innovation partners. The medical industry has gone through hundreds of years of innovation, and innovative research and development has entered the era of precision medicine. Medical innovation based on gene sequencing technology is unprecedented, and precision medicine will gradually overturn existing medical solutions in solving tumors, major infectious diseases, various elderly diseases, and rare diseases. In the future, our research and innovation target is precision medicine, and all innovative resources must focus on this. Starting from the establishment of genetic archives, manage the health of customers well; Preventing and delaying the occurrence of diseases; Early intervention and effective treatment of various diseases; Adopting personalized medication plans with accompanying diagnosis; Immunotherapy and gene therapy, and using our medical service resources to quickly practice precision medicine and benefit the public. Our innovation is continuous and full, which lies in our unwavering commitment to the ideals and sense of responsibility of entrepreneurship. Through 22 years of evolution and refinement, we constantly remind ourselves to cherish the individual living environment and continuously improve the quality of human life. We have never ceased our pursuit of innovation, simply because we respect every individual's life and make life enjoyable and healthy. Continuously innovate and enjoy health. This is our brand commitment. We actively practice corporate social responsibility and pursue sustainable development of products and talents. We cooperate with more institutions to pay attention to and donate to medical education, medical and life science industries, etc; Overseas, we actively cooperate with the Chinese government to support anti malaria actions in developing countries and promote the development and exchange of the world pharmaceutical industry. We always remind ourselves to promote sustainable development This concept is promoted to our products, our services, our employees, and every aspect of business development. We firmly believe that we can not only benefit more people with innovative achievements, but also lead outstanding enterprises in the industry to jointly promote the sustainable development of the entire industry. Passionate, we entered 2016. We are grateful to all our colleagues who have worked with us for the past 22 years. We are grateful to all our customers who have used our products and services for the past 22 years. We are grateful to our family, friends, partners, leaders, and shareholders who have supported and understood us for the past 22 years. We are grateful to our colleagues who have always given us tremendous pressure and motivation over the past 22 years. Let's walk together to 2016 and give us an innovative five-year plan. Fosun Pharma promises a different health cause and a different healthy future for the world! Come on, let's run on the sunny road of innovation and health!